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    1. Yes, it shows the voltage provided by the PSE (power sourcing equipment) and the power required by the PD (powered device). In 802.3af or 802.3at systems, if there is no PD attached, you can turn on the 802.3af switch and cause a PoE switch to turn on. Or, once a PD is attached, it's negotiation profile will pass thru and will activate the switch. Then voltage will be applied and the display will operate. In passive PoE situations, voltage is present with or without a PD.

    2. Yes, it works with passive and 802.3af automatically , in all pinout combinations.

    3. This tester will measure up to 56v at 1amp which is 60w so it should be able to test UPoe.

    *This product is equivalent to the WS-POE-Tester

    Here you can find the link to our POE-Tester:

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